6 spices you need to include in your daily routine

Kitchen counters across India feature a range of Indian spices, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? Indian spices are used abundantly globally, not just for the rich flavor that they add to food, but also for the many medicinal properties that they possess. Kerala is known as India’s spice belt and if you have visited a Kerala spice market, chances are that you have seen all of the six spices that we are talking about.

Read on to find out why these 6 spices need to be a part of your daily diet and routine:

  1. Black pepper: Black pepper is known to bring down cholesterol levels in people, leading to better heart health. Apart from being regularly used as a condiment in food, an increasing number of people have started adding a dash of black pepper to their tea in the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Cinnamon: Apart from the delicious flavor it adds to a variety of food, cinnamon has a surprising number of health benefits. Primarily, cinnamon is anti-viral and anti-bacterial in nature and full of antioxidants such as polyphenols, which help your body naturally avoid threats of multiple diseases. Cinnamon is also anti-inflammatory and is great for gut health.
  • Star anise: Star anise is one of the most powerful antioxidants among Indian spices. As an anti oxidant, it combats the movement of free radicals within the human body. By doing so, star anise positively develops skin health by reducing blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Nutmeg mace: Nutmeg mace is a perfect example of flavor and function. Known as a popular pain reliever due to its anti inflammatory properties, nutmeg helps in managing joint and muscle related pains. If you’re looking for a home remedy for skin related issues such as pores and blackheads, a good natural solution is making a face mask with nutmeg mace and honey.  
  • Cloves: In addition to their culinary contribution, cloves offer a range of medicinal benefits as well. Cloves contain Eugenol, which is a valuable ingredient for combatting bacteria and virus. One of the most popular uses of cloves is for curing tooth and gum ache, thanks to its germicidal traits. Cloves are also used as seasoning across multiple cuisines as they ease digestion and act against nausea or flatulence.
  • Cardamom: Cardamom has strong bacterial properties and when used as a breath freshener, it helps fight the root of multiple oral health issues like bad breath and toothache. Ayurveda slates cardamom as a detoxifying ingredient which improves blood circulation across the human body, especially the lungs, which is why it is excellent for treating respiratory disorders. Like most other spices, cardamom does help in improving digestion of food and hence, is often added to tea.

All of these whole Indian spices and more can be found in an Indian spice market or a spice store, however, the quality of these spices is better when it comes directly from authentic spice dealers like Kerala Spices Galore. You can learn more about Kerala spices online and buy them here.

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  1. Its nice to know that one more vendor is offering whole spices online. These days it is always better to buy whole spices and grind it at home for best quality. All prepacked spice powders need not be 100% pure. It might be audulterated with various sub-quality substitutes to add colour and weight. Few years ago I had heard a news where traces of red brick powder was found in Clilli powder. Sunset yellow colour is another substance usually added with Turmeric powder.

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