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About Us

We are “Vocal for Local”. Kerala Spice Galore supports
small scale traders known for their expertise in procuring high-quality spices.The land of Kerala is known for its abundance in organic and fresh spices. As an homage to God’s own Country, Kerala Spice Galore brings in locally sourced Farm fresh Spices to the comfort of your doorsteps. Spices are the heart of Indian cooking. With us you can find all the essentials for a well-stocked kitchen. Having an innate passion for cooking, Kerala Spice Galore is a small team based out of Thrissur working towards providing export quality spices to ensure finest cooking experience.

Our Products



Found in every kitchen shelf, Cardamom is the perfect condiment for a variety of dishes. ight from flavoring a hot cup of Chai to being drizzled in dishes both sweet and savory, Cardamom is truly a must-have.


Black Pepper

Long ago known as Black Gold, Black pepper is to this day one of the most sought after spices. Just a dash of freshly ground pepper pairs flawlessly with curries, sauces and salads.



With its characteristic warm woody aroma, a pinch of Cinnamon adds a strong burst of flavor. Cinnamon is extensively used in baking and an assortment of meat and poultry dishes. We sell the local thin bark variety of Cinnamon.



Being the center of the culinary universe, Cloves are a part of almost every spice mix. Apart from being used in everyday cooking, clove is also known for its medicinal properties - taken as a quick fix for minor ailments.


Nutmeg Mace

The bright red lacy mesh that covers the nutmeg seed, carefully picked and sun-dried results in commercial-grade Nutmeg Mace. Used majorly in curry mixes, Nutmeg Mace has become a vital part of every Kitchen Chronicle.


Star Anise

Known for its distinct flavor, Star Anise is widely used in Indian cuisine. Owing to its overpowering taste, a tiny bit is enough to enhance the dish. Whole pods are recommended as they are more flavorful and aromatic.

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Hygienically stored in food grade containers,

UV sanitized before packaging.

FSSAI Certified.

Our products are packed in food grade reusable lock-sealed packages.

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Our Expertise

Why trade with us ?

We are the traders known for their expertise in procuring high-quality spices. We provide fresh quality spices delivered directly to you straight at the lowest wholesale rate from the farmlands of Thekkady, Munnar, and Kattappana located in the Idukki district of Kerala.We have a superior network of traders bringing in the highest quality products straight from different farmlands across Kerala. Our distribution partners help us to transport these large quantities of spices all over India. For bulk orders contact us directly.

Reach us on info@keralaspicegalore.com